Do you know Green Wave?

What's Green Wave?

It is tree planting activity simultaneously conducted at schools and
communities by children all over the world at 10:00 a.m. on May 22
designated by the United Nations.
It is called “Green Wave” because the movements are spreading from the
east to the west on the planet.
The United Nations Decade on Biodiversity started from 2011. Many
children all over the world are conducting various activities for protecting
animals and plants and for living together.
Why don’t you join the movement ?

Let’s participate in the Green Wave !

1. Let’s invite fellows and plan activities !
2. Let’s carry them out on May 22 (Day of Biodiversity) or its alternative day !
3. Let’s publish reports and share progress of our activities and impressions with other people !
4. Let’s follow the developments of the worldwide Green Wave movements !

English Guidebook(PDF、887.5KB)
English Guidebook of Green Wave
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Story of One Tree.pdf
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